What is Smart Tv “Your viewing brought to life”

“With picture quality and interactive features this good, you might not want to leave the sofa this summer”

Smart TV’s aren’t just changing the way we watch television; the are revolutionizing the way we access content, enjoy photos and music, and even stay in touch with friends and family.

Take the biggest sporting events. Watch them on a normal TV and you might be juggling a tablet to update twitter and keep and keep track of scores, or using a phoneto chat to friends. Smart TV’s have this covered, hooking up to your wireless network to display social media, web pages and dozens of dedicated apps on the big screen for all to see. you could even flip to a live skype video call during the ad break.

smat tvSmart TV’s also make accessing on demand content from services such BBC iPlayer even easier. the smartest systems, such as samsung’s S-recomendation, can even suggest program’s to watch based on your viewing habits.

Some, such as the F8500 series, let you simply speak or signal what you want to see or do, using a quick voice command or gesture instead of hunting for the remote.

These televisions look as smart as they think, thanks to sharp, modern designs. The screens have the latest pin-sharp, high-definition technologies, reducing blur and improving colors.

Many also offer 3D options for film and sports fans and keen gamers, with the help of a 3D B;u-ray player or games console.

Adding a sound bar can provide a truly immersive experience. And, with the introduction of technology such as Sansung’s sound share, some systems are truly wireless, streaming music from your TV via Bluetooth and keeping your living space clutter free.