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Refurbished Kindle Fire

Refurbished  [amzps id=”2″ text_link=”textstyle”]are always tested and sell with warranty like new items, but sometimes the word “refurbished kindle fire” give more questions than confidence: “Am I buying someone’s hand me down item with a few new parts installed in my kindle?” “Will the software on my Refurbished item be out to date?” “Are the ink cartridges of a refurbished printer less than filled?”

Is a Refurbished Kindle fire As Good As A Brand New Kindle?

In recent years Technology has come up with amazing new products that are relatively amazing. Laptops and Computers have been in the market for a long time now and they been improving a lot if we compare then to computers of few years ago, and they have made significant effects on our lives. Mobile Phones, iPods & Ipads are now used everywhere and for all sort of things, we use then to communicate, listen our favourite music and watch movies and other cool stuff. the Kindle fire is a 7 inch multi touch screen mini tablet, it is comparable to any computer or tablet in terms of versatility. the kindle fire uses IPS technology. This is the Google Android OS, A technology that is run in a branched version. Kindle fire has been released in November  2011 and is used to see movies, read books & also to stream TV, it is use to read ebooks from amazon or other compatible book providers.

Technical Details and Specifications of the refurbished kindle fire:

The refurbished Kindle fire is a 7 inch multi touch screen display with a maximum resolution of 1024 x 600 pix. This model has a wireless technology that allows you to connect to the internet without cables. the approximate weigh is 14.6 ounces, It has 8GB memory that allows you to save multiple books and movies, It has space to fit about 80 applications at any time, 10 movies and enough space to save about 800 songs or 6,000 ebooks. The Kindle fire offers also free cloud storage and supports Wifi connection. It has a very long battery life which can last a maximum of 9 hours reading or about 8 hours watching video. the refurbished Kindle fire also supports a lot of content formats like TXT, PDF, DOC, JPEG, GIF, MP4, and many more…

The refurbished kindle fire is now available to buy at Amazon. This has been tested to the highest standards & certified with warranty as a new one. It works like the new kindle fire does as specified on the detailed specifications for that device. it is as a brand new kindle fire, the Refurbished kindle fire comes with one year warranty, that give you peace in mind. This type of kindle fire is not new but updated and tested as a brand new one, manufacturers refurbish the products to a point of providing a very a good quality item. It passes very strong quality processes to certify the quality. These include full  testing and diagnosis, identification and replacement of faulty parts, systematic cleaning and inspection to the highest standards, and full packaging in original packages. The Software  is also updated to the latest version and then they pass a  final quality inspection  to certify they outstanding quality. The Refurbished kindle fire for sale in Amazon. You can buy this product good as a brand new one for between 130 to 200 dollars depending on the model or memory.

When you buy a refurbished kindle, people usually get a USB cable and a power adapter as well. It also come with a one year warranty and a month free Amazon prime for eligible to all customers.

Features of the Refurbished Kindle fire model:

  •  Amazing Colour Touch screen: to look perfect at magazines, movies or your favourite book, every kindle screen has a resolution of 16 million colours that uses the best IPS technology.
  •  Dual Core Processor:  for High Speed tasks, With this fast and up to date processor, you can see any web and at  the same time you can download a video or stream any song.
  •  Refurbished Kindle fire uses a simple and a user friendly technology. It has a really easy to use interface.
  •  with the latest Refurbished kindle, you can play your favourite game and apps. all can be download from the amazon apps store. You could download lot of music and then listen to them wile you are offline.
  • Kindle fire also offers new features that can protect children form seeing dangerous content online. The parental control can be set easily adding a password to restrict some web content.

These are just some of the amazing features that offers the refurbished kindle fire. It can be purchased for a much affordable price than the new kindle fire and with the highest quality.