What are the best headphones for me?

” Stepping up to full-size on-ear headphones still means stepping up the sonics, with bigger bass, clearer treble and less intrusion from the world beyond your playlist”

Transport your listening with portable headphones, speakers and digital radios.

Headphones have really grown up, with huge improvements in audio quality. Even the most compact in ear models now boast noise isolation to reduce sound leakage, while dedicated sports ear-buds will survive the toughest workouts. Some have built-in microphones for use as a hands-free kits for your phone.

Beats-Pro-By-Dr-Dre-Mini-Headphones-White-DiscountStepping up to full size on-ear headphones still means up to the sonics, with bigger bass, clearer treble and less instruction from the world beyond your playlist. Look for noise-cancelling technology, and a wireless pair to keep yourself cable-free.

When you do want to share your songs, there are dozens of speakers and docks available, many small and light enough to pop into a suitcase or even a pocket. usually the bigger the dock, the better the sound, and some of the most sophisticated models also boast radios and clocks. Dedicated wireless speakers, working with Bluetooth (for almost any smartphone) or Airplay (for APPLE gadgets) are a great way to broadcast your music.portable-speakers_1

For pure portability, nothing beats a good old-fashioned battery-powered radio. Except that today’s portables include dozens of Cristal-clear DAB stations as well as FM and AM, often with auto tuning and text display, and stylist designs you’ll want to show off.

If you are really confident about the sunshine (or are heading somewhere reliable sunny), a solar-powered wireless is a good Eco-friendly option.