How to Choose the best Laptop for You.

Laptops are a great tool for travel when you want more functionality.

From sleek Ultrabooks to smart laptops, it’s never been easier to unplug your PC and go portable.

There is now a bigger variety of computing products than ever before, meaning that it can be a daunting process to buy a new machine. the two critical decisions to make are how do you want to use your device, and which operating system you want to use.

hpWindows 8 is the new operating system from Microsoft, characterized by the “tiles” you can see on the screenshot on this page.

These tiles update in real time, keeping you connected to social networks, news, share prices or weather.

Whatever it is most important to you. The familiar Windows desktop sits just behind the new interface, making it easy to work with your files.

Windows 8 is also brilliant for using on touchscreens, and there are plenty of new devices with innovative designs. If you’re not sure if you want a computer or a tablet, the new convertible products offer power, portability and flexibility.

Apple’s Mac range remains extremely popular, with sleek, iconic designs, iMacs and Macbooks offer Apple’s iOS operating system, which is intuitive if you already use iTunes or have an iPhone or iPad. In fact, if you use one of these devices, you’ll enjoy seamless syncing between them and your new Mac.

Apple’s products have built security to keep you safe from viruses and hackers.

Google’s new Chrome operating system is on the up, and the new chromebooks are perfect for using the internet or email on the go. All your documents are stored in the cloud, meaning that you’ll always be able to access them when you have an internet connection, or simply a phone signal in the case of 3G models.