refurbished pc Buying a Refurbished Desktop PC

People often wonder what “refurbished” means. Is not a refurbished PC used? Not exactly.

Refurbished means that the manufacturer has inspected & modified the computer to meet factory specifications.

Though “used,” a refurbished computer theoretically ought to perform like a used computer of the same model. The advantage to purchasing a refurbished computer is the discount.

Desktops & PC’s are definitely not the lowest priced products on the market. The option that lots of shoppers often forget to take in to consideration is purchasing a refurbished desktop.There are lots of benefits to purchasing refurbished PC’s.

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What to look at when purchasing a refurbished PC.

Exterior and casing:

Lots of PC manufacturers, such as HP, Dell and Apple, use a very strict refurbishment system. They need the costumers to be happy with what they buy, so they continue  order from them, even when they buy refurbished products. So, they are not going to sell PC’s with any major physical defects. Most of the times, refurbished computers and laptops are actually given a new casing . If a company receives a computer for refurbishment that shows only light wear, it may choose to replace only some parts with new ones. But Usually refurbished computers look the same as a new.


All the computers are tested like the new ones and parts are replaced with new ones. This might range from anything to a RAM module to the motherboard. When the manufacturers refurbish these computers, they always replace the defective part with a new ones.

Most of the time, refurbished computers are customer returns. In some cases, there could be nothing wrong with the computer at all. The customer didn’t like the product, so they returned them within the warranty period. In cases like this, the computer manufacturers will sell these computers as refurbished. They can not sell them as new because they have been opened and used slightly for a short time.


Manufacturers also check for like-new functionality before selling. Not only do they check the replacement parts, but everything else as well. Expect refurbished computers to function as well as new ones.


Large computer companies will offer the exact same warranty on refurbished products as they will on new products. So as far as the warranty goes, you are losing nothing by purchasing refurbished. If a warranty is important to you, make sure that you buy refurbished from the manufacturer then some independent reseller that refurbishes computers. This will give you the full warranty that you need.

They also know that consumer won’t pay near as much for refurbished computer as they would pay for new ones. In turn, refurbished computers are often offered at all-time low prices–often times up to twenty percent off the new cost.

Computer manufacturers cannot sell any product as new unless it is truly 100 percent new. This means that customer returned computers, additional computers and earlier generation computers, must be sold under a different name. So, manufacturers sell all these types of products with a refurbished label.


query you may have with purchasing refurbished is: Do you get everything that comes with a new computer? Yes. Computer manufacturers will offer you all original documentation, user manuals, power cords and other accessories. The downfall is that your item will usually come in a plain brown packaging then the original box.

Here is a nice example of when to buy refurbished: Apple originally sold a MacBook for £1200, new. The company also offered the same laptop computer for £950 refurbished. A month later, Apple gets newer processors in and overhauls all of their notebooks. The original laptop computer is now offered at £800 refurbished.

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