refurbished apple macbook pro Refurbished Apple Mac Book Pro, is it as good as a new one?
Buying refurbished laptops can be a little like playing the lottery, you never know if the investment it’s going to be profitable or a total bust. Amazon Super refurbishment policy for Apple’s

But if you set your mind on an Apple MacBook Pro, or any kind of Apple product for that matter, you can rest easy. Amazon has an amazing refurbishment policy that was designed taking into consideration all those fears and motives that prevent you from buying a refurbished product. So, if you are buying a refurbished Apple MacBook Pro expect to come with:

  • a brand new outer shell;

  • a new battery and of course with the one-year warranty, the same that all new Apple hardware comes with.


If you think about it, there are really no downsizings on buying a refurbished Apple MacBook Pro, only a considerably lower price. You can save up to 500$ on this particular Apple laptop.

 What refurbished means at Apple

In almost all the cases, the MacBook Pros are not returned by the buyers to the manufacturers due to their defects but most likely due to the buyer’s error of judgment when buying it. He realizes that he wanted a different laptop, even a different color of laptop and these products returned in that ways are called also refurbished. So, in 90% of the cases you will get a brand new laptop because somebody didn’t like its color or model.

Even if the MacBook Pro is returned to the manufacturer with real defects, Apple will ensure that the necessary measures will be taken in order that the product should work according to their amazing warranty.

All in all, if you are more interesting in buying a product that it is working properly more than a brand new one that you can unwrap form its original case, you will buy an refurbished Apple MacBook Pro, it’s the wise thing to do, considering how much money you have to pay for a new product just because it hasn’t been “used” before and comes in his original package.

Other consideration

In fact, the so many people are buying the refurbished apple products that recently Apple introduced a new section on their site dedicated to refurbished products. Maybe it’s the global crisis that prevents people not to throw the money out of the window for no good reason or maybe the people are starting to understand the benefits of recycling not only for their pockets but in general. The main idea is that more and more people are expressing their interest in refurbished products and Apple is one of the few companies who understands their customers and reached their expectations. Every article sold in the refurbished products section has passed the quality inspection and have that one year warranty that all Apple products have.

If you need more additional motives to buy a refurbished laptop you may be interested to know that by using a refurbished laptop you will not only save money but your planet too. Electronic waste are in these days about 75% of the total global waste and a lot of that waste is not really waste, just good products that people were tiered of or wanted something new. Laptops and electronics in general contain dangerous chemicals that can reach into the water system and cause damage to the brain, kidney and central nervous system. I don’t really think it’s worth the risk or your money.

The MacBook Pro is one of the most wanted and loved laptops in this moment, everybody wants to have one. However, buying a brand new one it’s a major investment and not a justified one. Buying a refurbished MacBook Pro is a very good alternative. Regardless of the choice you are going to make it is wise to read and learn about the different technical terms that Apple use so you will get nothing more and nothing less than that laptop that bests suits your needs.

Check the warranty policy: Does the seller offers guarantee? are the refurbished products of hight quality? Apple mac refurbished products sold by Amazon are covered by Amazon warranty. Some refurbished products have the same warranty as the equivalent new item.

Check the return policies: If for any reason, you are not happy with your refurbished product, Amazon provides a safe and trusted return policy.