refurbished iphone Why Should I Buy a Refurbished IPhone?
IPhone is a gadget that appeals to people who are looking for one device to do it all. From the basic function of phone trough accessing the internet, game device, music player, the IPhone does it all. Of course, this kind of device doesn’t come cheap.

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As the popularity of the IPhone continues to grow, the prices remain very high, making the acquisition of a brand new IPhone very expensive. For people who are in love with the Apple products but have a small budget, refurbished devices are the solution. Going for a refurbished iPhone instead of brand new one can save you a lot of money without cutting off performance.

In order to understand why buying a refurbished IPhone is a good idea, let’s talk about what refurbished really means. It means that the phone was bought by another person who used it for a little while and returned because of a small problem like a small blemishes for example. Or didn’t use it at all, because he ordered the wrong color or changed his mind and didn’t want it at all. All these already bought once devices are returned to the seller and sold again as refurbished IPhones.

If there is something wrong with the IPhone are repaired and tested. There is no reason to be concern about the quality of the refurbished Apple products because they are sold with the same warranty as their brand new products.

But it matters who refurbishes it.

Buy only IPhones that were refurbished by Apple. There are all sorts of companies who claims that they refurbish IPhones and they are authorized to do so, but Apple only recognize the ones that were refurbished by them.

3 very good motives to buy a refurbished IPhone

The price

The price is the number one motive anyone will buy a refurbished device. And for good reason since the discounts are huge! The discounts may even go up to $150 meaning up to 40% of the initial price. And you can also buy IPhone with 32 GB memory at the price of 16GB memory.

The warranty

You can get up to 90 days warranty from your carrier but this may not be true in all cases, it really depends on your seller. So, find a seller who offers you that 90 day warranty. Some dealers also offer a 30 day return facility, time in which you may return the product and get your money back in case you find something wrong. Again this might vary from one dealer to another so find a good dealer and make a risk free investment.

Performance and looks

Regardless of the fact that the phone had a technical problem or a scratch, the case is always replaced and your phone will look brand new. You can be sure that with the Apple name backing the product, you will get a rigorous tested product before they he is put back on sale. Each refurbished IPhone is independently tested with the latest software to meet the factory standards. As a result of this operation you can get the latest technology for a lower price.

Other perks from previous owner

If the first owner of your refurbished iPhone has downloaded extra apps on the phone, they will be restored after the re-conditioning. This means you will have those additional applications without paying extra for it. And sometimes you wouldn’t believe what kind of applications people buy!

And I give you another reason who will appeal only for Apple fans: you have to have an IPhone! It’s the best experience ever!

The only difference between a new iPad and a refurbished one is the box it comes in. Buy a refurbished iphone from amazon