refurbished iphone How to Buy a Refurbished IPhone 5
What is Refurbished?Is refurbished something of low quality? Is it something you ought to always avoid? Do you think it is true? Let me tell you that REFURBISHED is NOT BAD at all. It is something which can save you nice money without any noticeable difference in the quality.One time this stuff are returned to the manufacturer, they do the repair, reconditioning & necessary testing. The testing is done in the same way as it was done on a new phone.Refurbished in terms of electronics is something which was recertified, replaced or returned to the manufacturer because either it had some issue, usually due to a defective part, was returned by the customer without opening or may be because they didn’t like it.

Buy a refurbished iphone from amazon


What’s the difference between a refurbished iphone and a brand new iphone?

If you buy a refurbished iphone from Amazon, you’ll get the same one-year warranty as a new iPhone, all of the manuals and accessories that come with a new iPhone, a new battery .

The new box is not the same as the box you would get in the event you bought a new iPhone, and they guess that this is to prevent people from purchasing a refurbished iPhone and trying to sell it on as new.

Amazon promises that all refurbished iPhones it sells are in full working condition, and they have each been fully tested to make positive this. Any parts that were defective when the iPhone was returned by its earlier owner will have been replaced, and the whole iPhone will have been cleaned and inspected to make positive it is in top-notch condition.

What to check when buying a refurbished iphone 5:

(1) Understand who refurbished the phone – Manufacturer or a third party.  You may want to go with Manufacturer refurbished items.

(2) Check if the accessories (if any) are new or refurbished.  You may want to stick with new accessories.

(3) Check if you are going to get Manufacturer warranty and for how long is that warranty going to be.  You want to be safe with refurbished products as well.

(4) Find out the return policy of defected items and where it has to be returned.

(5) Are any software, manual etc. which comes with original item included in this refurbished item?

(6) Try to find out if possible, what was rectified or reconditioned in that item. 

(7) Finally, try to find out how much will it cost to buy the same item if you buy it new.  If there is not a substantial difference, I would recommend staying with Brand New item.

When you should not buy a Refurbished Iphone 5?

If you are a who desires to own the latest & greatest expertise. In case you will never get satisfactions after purchasing refurbished. Your mind will always be suspicious about something being wrong.or If the cost of a new as well as a refurbished item is  the same or it doesn’t offer you a significant saving. so use your common sense!

So, should I buy a refurbished iPhone?

We think it is definitely worth considering buying a refurbished iPhone from   from amazon. It’ll look good as new, so you won’t notice the difference anywhere other than in your bank balance.

If you really want the box that comes with a brand new iPhone and you’re willing to pay the extra to get it, then a brand new iPhone is a better choice for you. Plus, if you’re buying the iPhone as a gift, it’s worth checking with the person you’ll be giving the iPhone  first, as the box will be a bit of a give-away.

Here in the buy refurbished office, we’ve purchased Apple products from the Refurbished store and have been completely happy with them, so we can recommend the option first hand.  Buy a refurbished iphone from amazon