refurbished iphone How to buy a refurbished IPhone 4

A refurbished IPhone is considered to be any IPhone bought by a client and returned after the package was opened.

Maybe the phone had a minor defect or maybe it was in a top condition and the buyer just changed his mind, it still called refurbished.

The main two benefits for buying an IPhone 4 that has been refurbished is the considerably lower price comparing with a brand new one and the fact that if you know what and where to buy, you will get exactly the same quality and technical specifications as if you were buying a new one.

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  1. Before choosing a vendor, review all the online offers, the special offers section on Apple store so you get an idea about what are you looking for and what to expect as price and technical abilities from your refurbished IPhone.


  1. Choose your vendor very carefully. The best thing will be to purchase it from an Apple store or an authorized Apple vendor. Anyway, make sure you get a refurbished IPhone that comes with a warranty of at least 90 days so you can get the device repaired or even replaced if you might experience some technical issues with it.



  1. Read the vendor’s return policy as this is very important if your device it’s not working properly. Better yet, if you are not making the purchase online, choose the vendor to test your refurbished IPhone right there, on the spot. If you are making the purchase online, you can understand why the return policy it’s important. Again, if you make the purchase from the Apple store you will not have to worry about any of that since they have a very customer friendly policy and warranty terms. They certify every product that they are refurbishing and keep a very high standard for all the products. Also, Apple gives you the same one year warranty for a refurbished IPhone 4, the same as for a new one.


  1. Read the people’s comments in respect to the site you want to make your purchase from and see if they were happy with the products bought from that vendor. Keep away from the adds that specify that the IPhone 4 will be sold “as it is” because this means that is something wrong with that product and will also not have any kind of returning terms.



  1. Regardless of your vendor’s choice, you should really stay away from the small online shops that nobody heard about and for which you can’t get any references from previous customers. These small obscure online stores will disappear at the first sign of trouble and you don’t want to take that risk. Not when you have Apple, Amazon and other huge and worldwide verified vendors.


  1. Unless you are buying your refurbished IPhone from your service provider, you will have to check the compatibility with that provider. Meaning that you will have to verify that the IPhone should be unlocked in the network that you are using. Also, call your service provider and give them the ESN number of your refurbished IPhone and they will check for you if it is unlocked on their network.

If you want an IPhone 4 and you find it to be out of your budget, just go for the refurbished one. It’s practically the same thing, only that you don’t get the same box. And it’s a question of principle, why pay extra just for the box, when you can get the same quality the same warranty and the same purchasing conditions form the same company that would sell you the brand new product?  Buy a refurbished iphone from amazon