What is a Certified Refurbished Kindle?

A kindle is a  previously owned Kindle that has been refurbished to the highest standards, tested and replaced all the faulty parts. and it will be certified to look and work like new kindle , unless otherwise noted on the product specifications page. All the Certified  Kindle’s are sell with a full one year warranty, just like a brand new Kindle.

What kind of refurbishment process is used for a Certified Refurbished Kindle?

Before  selling, all the  previous owned Kindle’s is taking to a very strict testing and refurbishment process that includes:

  • Full testing and diagnosis process.
  • A Replacement of any faulty parts identified in testing process.
  • Cleaning and inspection-testing.
  • Complete packaging in a complete new box.
  • Updated with the latest software version for that specific model.
  • And a quality assurance inspection before the acceptance as Certified Refurbished kindle.

What is included when you buy a Certified Refurbished Kindle?

A Certified Refurbished Kindle is ship with a new USB cable  or power adapter  depending on the model, it can be seen on the specifications page prior of buying  a refurbished kindle.  Unlike a new Kindle, a Certified Refurbished Kindle does not ship with a quick start guide.

What kind of warranty has a Certified Refurbished Kindle?

All the Certified Refurbished Kindle’s are ship with the same one year warranty as you get when buying a new Kindle.  The Certified Refurbished Kindle is not eligible for the optional two year Extended Warranty.

What kind of return policy has a Certified Refurbished Kindle?

the  Certified Refurbished Kindle is subject to the same return policies as a new Kindle.

Does a Certified Refurbished Kindle comes with a free 1 month Amazon Prime as a new Kindle Fire?

Yes it has the same one, the Certified Refurbished Kindle Fire include a free 1 month Amazon Prime for eligible customers.

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