refurbished apple macbook pro

Buying a refurbished laptop

If you are considering the option of buying a refurbished laptop you might want to have all the information about what this operation really is and how you will be able to do that.

What refurbished really means?

Anyone has his own idea about what a refurbished laptop should look like or what should it do. But in the most basic sense, refurbished means already used. Is not a broken or a missing piece or non functional laptop, just a laptop that is obsolete for his previous owner but still in perfect condition to be used.



Some laptops are sent back to the manufacturer by the purchaser that finds the screen a little scratched or having a minor blemish. Sometimes the laptop it is perfect condition but it is an unwanted present to him or maybe the packaging of the laptop is ruptured and that customer paid for warranty that is no longer available in such conditions. Such laptops are sold again for a much lower price and called refurbished laptops. Just read carefully the terms of guarantee so you can have a clear picture about what refurbished means for that one specific manufacturer from which you want to buy your laptop.

What should you expect from a refurbished laptop?

Most common, a reseller should prior to the selling of a refurbished laptop verify that all its components are working proper, including the battery and if not to specify so. The battery however it is considered by many people a consumable component and for it is wise when buying a refurbished laptop to ask specifically about the state of the battery if you don’t want to have a nasty surprise in that area. In most cases the battery will need to be replaced since it’s normal functionality holds up to 2 years so best is to know that before make the purchase.

Also, a reseller should verify the case and replace it if it’s broken. Still, since is not brand new, you might expect the case to have some marks or minor scratches. The screen might also have minor marks or black spots that in most cases are noticeable only when the laptop is not functioning. For obvious reasons, the resellers change the screen only when it is not working at all.

Also a complete swipe of the old operating system is required when a laptop is sold to you. Because the prices of the operating system are so high, don’t expect to receive a paid license with your laptop free of charge. If you want an operating system on in, you will have to pay extra for that.

The laptop you are buying has been used before by another person but this not means that it is ok to be sold to you with obvious defects in functionality and appearance.

In terms of warranty expect of a 30-45 day of warranty for a refurbished laptop. Some resellers might even give you 90 days of warranty. Also a no refund policy is perfectly normal and accepted in these cases.

The main reason somebody wants to buy a refurbished laptop is to save money or to buy a more powerful model that is not in his budget if he would choose it to buy it brand new. Now you have all the information about what buying a refurbished laptop really means. You can think about all the pros and cons and makes the right choice for you. Remember, that a refurbished laptop is still a used laptop and even if it has to be functional it is not going to look brand new.

If want to buy a refurbished laptop, buy it a trusted shop. You can buy a refurbished laptop from Amazon they provide a safe and trusted return policy.