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Other Price comparisons

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Tenba Cooper 6 Camera Bag

The grey Cooper Luxury Canvas 6 Camera Bag from Tenba is designed to store and protect a mirrorless camera, 2-3 lenses, and related accessories. It features an exterior zip pocket for a phone or other items, and a rear slip pocket. Inside the bag are padded, touch-fastening dividers for organising gear. For added protection, the...View more

Camera assembly UM3 SPUM-CAM-3EXT

Original and high-quality spare part for Ultimaker.This text is machine translated.View more

Sachtler Bags Dr. Bag – 1

A compact carry case ideal for small camcorders like the Canon XA series. Removable internal rigid dividers help organise your camera package. Cold moulded laminate panels provide extra protection, whilst the “doctor” style top opening enables quick-draw shooting.View more

Black Rapid Hybrid Breathe

The BlackRapid Hybrid Breathe is right-handed cross-body strap that features a large shoulder pad. The shoulder pad can accommodate the attachment of a second camera, which can be secured via the included additional webbing. An integrated underarm stabiliser prevents slippage, whilst the durable brass/zinc-alloy CR-3 ConnectR locking carabiners guarantee the safety of your equipment.View more

Fujifilm Instax 300 Camera and 10-Pack of Film

Camera Equipped with the Fujifilm Instax 300, you’ll instantly be able to take great photographs with the use of Instax WIDE (included). This film type is twice the size of Instant MINI Film which will enable more people to be included in a photo. What’s more, the accompanying close-up lens expands the range of photo...View more

Dedo Master Gobo Set – Medium

This set of ten sturdy black steel gobos contains a versatile array of designs, selected by award-winning cameraman Jonathan Harrison.View more

RatRig V-Slider 80

Made from high-quality stainless steel and anodised aluminium, the 80cm RatRig V-Slider features 8 bearings and Delrin wheels to deliver a smooth, gliding motion when filming. The RatRig V-Slider is 80cm in length and offers a large load capacity of up to 12kg, it also has multiple mounting points for attaching a camera and tripod....View more

Wimberley M-8 Perpendicular Plate Flash Bracket Modul...

The Wimberley flash bracket system is beautifully engineered and highly modular; fitting together securely and providing you with an enormously versatile way of attaching flashes and accessories to your camera. Don’t compromise: Build and modify your flash bracket system with pieces which precisely conform to your desired specification. The flash is connected via Arca-style QR...View more

Velbon Ultra 355 Tripod with 3-Way Head

The Velbon Ultra 355 is a lightweight and very compact tripod designed for photographers and videographers. This tripod’s special legs use Velbon’s unique TSS (Trunnion Shaft System), which makes it tall and sturdy when extended, yet when folded, the Ultra 355 is only 36cm long. It comes complete with Velbon’s PHD-33M 3-way panhead and QB-42...View more

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