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Braun 66039 Wireless digital weather station

Brown radio-controlled weather station with negative LCD display, time, alarm time, indoor and outdoor temperature as well as the air humidity and the weather forecast for the next 12 – 24 hours. Unique Function mode for individual settings. Since snooze function, outdoor sensor with temperature display.This text is machine translated.View more

TFA Weatherhub SmartHome System Cossy Radar Mould detector White

To find the optimal room climate is not so light and ventilation is not always the first choice. Depending on the weather, the air quality even worse. With the cozy radar set you can simply and specifically improve your room climate, mold and thus avoid permanently healthy living. Indoor and outdoor climate will be reviewed...View more

Renkforce W205GU Wireless digital weather station Forecasts for 12 to 24 hours

Frost alarm; Inside and outside heat index; Inside and outside dew point; Wind chillView more

Renkforce C8428/C8429 Wireless digital weather station Forecasts for 12 to 24 hours

This text is machine translated.The weather station serves to display different measuring values, e.g. the indoor/outdoor temperature, the indoor/outdoor air humidity, the air pressure, the amount of rainfall, the wind speed and wind direction. The data measured by the outdoor sensor are wirelessly transferred to the weather station. Furthermore, the weather station calculates using an...View more

Eurochron RC Pro Wireless digital weather station

Color display changes accordingly outdoor temperature; Time signal: DCF (Germany); Weather forecast, wind direction and speed; Air pressure and rain rate; ; This text is machine translated.View more

Techno Line WD 9550 SAT weather station Forecasts for 4 days

The newest generation of the weather stations Accurate, owing to meteorological data for your district in Germany it contains a free and fully automatic regional Weather prognosis provided by the professional Meteorologists Divided in the four day sections morning, afternoon, evening and night shows 36 different weather symbols (instead of the usual 5) the weather...View more

Netatmo NWA01-WW Anemometer

Accurate wind measurements for your netatmo weather station. Accurate measurement of wind direction and speed.The wind gauge works with ultrasound tip technology. Its measurements is a professional level. The average wind strength and speed via curves of gusts are displayed.The anemometer measures wind direction and speed. It works with ultrasound, a top technology for extremely...View more

Techno Line Mobile Alerts MA 10006 Wireless digital weather station Forecasts for 1 day

The MA 10006 is a set consisting of the weather station MA10410 and a gateway (Mobile Alerts App is required). This weather station gives you the exact time via radio reception and up-to-date information about the temperature, humidity and the air pressure. It is the local outdoor temperature, as well as the air humidity via...View more

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach NE1020ZZ Thermo-hygrometer (app-based)

So you can create a home a healthier environmentYour home for your family as healthy as possible? The Healthy Home coach of netatmo shows you how to do it. Whether it’s the best noise level to sleep or the right air humidity for a child with asthma the Healthy Home coach takes the necessary measurements,...View more

Techno Line WS1700 Wireless digital weather station

With the weather center WS1700 you have your own weather report at home and the permanently free of charge! The weather center offers you all the informatinen for the current weather conditions and even some useful Zusatzfuktionen, like for example the temperature alarm and the value of the comfort indicator.With this “Weather-all-rounder”, you are always...View more